University of Kansas                                           Ph.D (History, 2015)
University of Kansas                                           Graduate Certificate (Environmental Studies, 2012)
University of Kansas                                           M.A. with Honors (History, 2011)
University of Central Missouri                                                                                         
Utrecht University (The Netherlands)                    
Truman State University                                     B.A. with Honors (History, Summa Cum Laude, 2007)
2015- Present                                                     Assistant Professor of History & Digital Humanities, Creighton University, Omaha, NE

“Floods, Worms, and Cattle Plague: Nature-induced Disaster at the Closing of the Dutch Golden Age, 1672-1760.” Defended on March 11, 2015. University of Kansas.
Committee: Gregory Cushman (Chair), Petra van Dam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Donald Worster, Edmund Russell, Johannes Feddema, Toon Bosch (Open University Nijmegen)

Sundberg, A. and S. Sundberg. “Happy Land: Women Landowners in early West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana,”
            Agricultural History (forthcoming, Fall 2016).
Sundberg, A. “An Uncommon Threat: Shipworms as a Novel Disaster,” Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low
            Countries Studies 40.2 (June 2016): 122-138.
Sundberg, A. “Molluscan Explosion: The Dutch Shipworm Epidemic of the 1730s.” Environment & Society
            Portal, Arcadia 2015, no.14. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.
Sundberg, A. “Claiming the Past: History, Memory, and Innovation following the Christmas Flood of 1717,”
            Environmental History 20, no. 2 (2015): 238-261.
Sundberg, A. et al. “Climate-change and mass mortality events in overwintering monarch butterflies,” Revista
            Mexicana de Biodiversidad 83 (2012): 817-824.

NSF IGERT C-CHANGE Fellow.  The University of Kansas, 2009-2014 [$60,000]
National Science Foundation, Science, Technology and Society Program (NSF-STS), Dissertation
            Improvement Grant, 2013-14. Investigators: Gregory Cushman (PI), Adam Sundberg (co-PI). “Floods, Worms, and Cattle Plague: Natural Disaster at the End of the Dutch Golden Age.” [$16,331]
Hal Rothman Dissertation Fellowship, American Society for Environmental History, 2013. [$1,000]
University of Kansas Summer Research Fellowship, 2013. [$5,000]
Fulbright Grant, The Netherlands, 2011-2012. [$12,570]
Van Winter/CLUE (Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment) Fellowship, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,
            September, 2011-February, 2012. [€1,000]
CHS Foundation mini-grant for KU Wind Energy Symposium, Nov. 2010. [$1,000]
Norman Saul Travel Grant.  History Department.  University of Kansas, 2010. [$2,000]

University of Kansas Graduate Student Research Competition Winner (Humanities and Fine Arts, 2011), Phi Beta Kappa (2007), Phi Kappa Phi (2006), Phi Alpha Theta (2005)

European Society for Environmental History
American Society for Environmental History

Northern European Environmental History.   History of Disaster. History of Science and Technology. History
            of Climate. Geographic Information Systems for History.

“Mapping Silences & Digital Deep Mapping,” You Are Here: A ID Conference on Place, Space, and
            Embodiment. Creighton University. Omaha, NE. March 11, 2016.
“Property and Place: Women Landholders in West Feliciana, 1780-1835.” Co-presented with S. Sundberg.
            Hemispheric Freedom Symposium.  LSU School of Law, 2010.

“Knowing the Arctic: Lewis L. Dyche, Western Science, and Indigenous Knowledge,” with B. Rumsey.
            Presented at the NSF Polar IGERT Workshop. Juneau, AK.  March, 2011. Installed at the
            Teaching Gallery, University of Kansas, Spencer Museum of Art. March, 2011.

“Dijken, Cultuur, en Wormen: Milleugeschiedenis van de Paalworm-epidemie, 1730-33,” [Dikes, Culture, and
            Worms: Environmental History of the Shipworm Epidemic, 1730-33] Conference of the Stichting voor
            de Middeleeuwse Archeologie, Hoorn, The Netherlands, 24 June, 2016.
Panel Presenter, “Teaching Global Environmental History,” Annual Conference of the American Society for
            Environmental History. Seattle, USA, 1 April, 2016.
“A Decade of Disaster: Cattle Plague during the 1740s in the Netherlands,” 8th European Society for
            Environmental History Biennial Conference, Versailles, France, 30 June, 2015.
“The Importance of the “New”: Novelty as a Condition of Disaster Response in Early Modern Times,”
            Workshop: Resilience in disastrous times: the processing of historical catastrophes in the Low
            Countries (ca. 1600-1850), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, 19 June, 2015.
“An Unknown Threat: Shipworms as a Novel Disaster,” N.W. Posthumus Institute Annual Conference,
            Brussels, Belgium, 12 June, 2015.
“Floods, Worms, and Cattle Plague: Continuity and Change during a ‘Period of Disaster’ in the Netherlands,”
            World Congress for Environmental History (ICEHO). Guimarães, Portugal, 11 Jul, 2014.
“A Plague from the Sea: Shipworms and Disaster in the Dutch Eighteenth Century,” Annual Conference of the
            American Society for Environmental History. San Francisco, USA, 14 Mar., 2014.
“Divine Wrath, Secular Response: Dutch Perception and Adaptation to the Christmas Flood of 1717,” 7th
            Conference of the European Society for Environmental History. Munich, Germany. 22 Aug., 2013.
"Spiritual and Secular Therapies: Combatting Cattle Plague in Groningen during an Era of Disaster,”
            International Conference of the European Rural History Organization (EURHO). Bern, Switzerland.
            21 Aug, 2013.
“Climate Change and Flood Adaptation at the end of the Dutch Golden Age,” German Fulbright
            Kommission Annual Meeting.  Berlin, Germany March 2012.
 “Human Dimensions of Monarch Overwintering.”  GPRM American Association of Geographers Annual
            Meeting.  Co-presented with J. Brandes, R. Crosthwait, and L. Gerhart.  2010.
Instructor & Mentor.  Haskell Environmental Research Studies Summer Institute, Haskell Indian Nations
            University. June 2010, 2014.
Domestic and International Climate Change Policy Internship, US Climate Action Network, Washington D.C.,
            Spring, 2014.

Asst Professor, Environmental Science Senior Seminar (EVS 491), Creighton University, Fall 2016.
Asst Professor, Global Environmental History: Finding the Anthropocene (HIS 488), Creighton University, Fall
Asst Professor, Mapping History: Cartography from the Early Modern to the Digital Age (HIS 395), Creighton
            University, Spring 2016.
Asst Professor, Global Perspectives: Europe and the World (HIS 272), Creighton University, 2015-2016.
Instructor, The Historians’ Craft. History Department, University of Kansas, 2014-2015.
Graduate Teaching Assistant (Head GTA), Global Environment I&II.  Environmental Studies Department,
University of Kansas. Professors of Record: J. Christopher Brown, Gregory Cushman, Johannes
            Feddema, 2010-2011.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, “Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies.”  Environmental Studies
            Department, University of Kansas.  Professor of Record: Johannes Feddema, Spring 2010.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, “Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies.”  Environmental Studies
            Department, University of Kansas.  Professor of Record: Kathleen Nuckolls, Fall 2009.
Graduate Research Assistant, Donald Worster, Spring 2009.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, “Global History of Agriculture.”  History Department, University of Kansas.   
            Professor of Record: Donald Worster, Spring 2009.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, “Environmental History of North America.”  History Department, University of
            Kansas. Professor of Record: Donald Worster, Fall, 2008.